The OPS Review

A resource guide to find the most opulent amenities and services around the country and the world

The OPS Card

The OPS Card is now available to the general public for purchase!

Companies being added weekly!

This is the card given out to take advantage of the specials and discounts the vendors have on their pages and profiles on The OPS Review and on The OPS Society.  The card is good for the entire country and is one of the first of its kind to be a nationwide discount card.   The best part about the card and this program is it is not just for restaurants or one particular amenity.  The OPS card is for all amenities that advertise on The OPS Society so you are getting a card to be used with an array of amenities so it is truly worth the value.

Every OPS card has a code on the back and upon using an amenity or service you must present your card or know your ID number from the back of your card to have the discount or benefit honored.

The OPS card is available for Professional Athletes,Law Enforcement and Military Personnel, and Premier Members

To inquire about obtaining an OPS card please email Rob at


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