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Special OPS

Special OPS is a program that is designed for the Military and Law Enforcement people around the country.  They are the true hero’s and celebrities in Rob’s eyes.   The Military and LE will be able to access the network so they can see the vendors around the country and off season destinations who offer discounts for our finest Americans.  OPS wants this program to be one of the biggest and most beneficial programs in the country to support the people who watch over and fight to keep us safe in this great country.

The best part about the Special OPS program is it is available to ALL Law Enforcement and Military personnel.  This will be able to reach out and help every soldier or police officer so they can take their family out to a nice dinner or a great vacation and be able to keep an extra few bucks in their pocket.  This is the least we can do to show our support as we know all the sacrifices these great Americans do day in and day out.

If you are a Law Enforcement or Military person, please contact OPS so you can get your OPS Card and begin enjoying some great benefits around the country!  Email Rob at or call us at 770.957.8229.


One Response to “Special OPS”

  1. Van said

    Rob, you can add me to that list! Served with 2nd Marine Division…3rd Batallion 6th Marines. 1994-2002 Semper Fi!

    Van Shumake
    Pentagon Sports Management

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