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EDEN Engineered & Designed Nutrition

Posted by opsservices on September 18, 2009

One of the hardest battles today in supplements is finding a trusted product so you don’t have a positive test and face the ramifications of the league you play in. Matthew Mitrione, former NFL player, has started a new company that takes the athlete’s point of view and keeps their insight in mind and developed EDEN. EDEN is not only providing products that are manufactured at an NSF GMP Registered facility, but also helps the athlete educate themselves so they really truly understand the nutrition side of their well being.

This company is truly for the pro athlete because it is started by a former player who is passionate about nutrition and now he is helping educate other athletes with what he has learned. I am very excited to be using their products and encourage guys to do the same because not only is it easier on your stomach and you don’t get that bloated feeling, but all products are blended by NSF standards. This will help a player in choosing supplements because the process is already done for you. You can have the peace of mind the products are clean.

Check out the website at for more information and to see their products or you can call Matt directly at 414.243.6640

You can order the products right off their website!


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