The OPS Review

A resource guide to find the most opulent amenities and services around the country and the world

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The OPS Review is a resource guide of all the vendors that advertise on The OPS Society for Opulent Professional Services.  The OPS Society is a private social network for professional athletes that let them find the very best amenities and services throughout the country and the world.  The vendors will be able to send out specials and event info to players directly through the network to optimize direct marketing.  This is a tool where both the athletes and the vendor will benefit in the service.  There are also several other phases that will be released that will further enhance the opportunity to market to professional athletes.

Opulent Professional Services will research and/or test each company that is on The OPS Society.

Being a review that anyone can see, the general public can also see and use the most elite places around the country that advertise to professional athletes and also see reviews of those places all around the country.  The public will be able to see where their favorite athletes like to spend their off time from anywhere to restaurants to hunting spots in the winter.

You can navigate through the review real easy and check out reviews of vendors and see the links to the company’s website.  Here is a little info on the setup of the review:

1. Right hand column is the link to each vendor’s website

2. Left hand column is the review of each vendor by category.  ie: if you are traveling to Boston click on the Boston category to find all amenities in and around Boston. Easy and simple!

3. Click on a category and the reviews will come up in the middle and if you want to read more on a particular amenity click on the title and it will appear by itself so you can read the entire review.

If you are a company that is interested in advertising to professional athletes on The OPS Society, please contact Rob Bowen at

Make sure to check out to find out more about Opulent Professional Services


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