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Aegis Security

Posted by opsservices on October 22, 2009

A great security and protection company that is based in Tennessee, Aegis Security is your trusted source for proven reliable protection and other great services.  All the people at Aegis have very extensive backgrounds in military or law enforcement. Services that include executive protection, event security, residential security, and a whole lot more. So if you are having your own event or are planning your own family vacation abroad and need some security, make sure to contact Aegis!

One of the best parts of Aegis is offering some classes for self defense and hand to hand techniques as well as some firearms instruction.  This will be great for helping out guys but this is a MUST for the wives and woman so they too can have some knowledge in case of an attack.  The major idea is to be able to get out of a situation and that is what they teach with these techniques.  You can travel to their facility or they will fly to you and train you at your place!

The people are very professional at Aegis and your privacy is a big concern with them.  To learn more check out their site at or give them a call at 423.745.9500



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