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Blue Star Jets

Posted by opsservices on October 10, 2009

Private airline travel can be very costly especially in terms of owning a jet or having fractional jet memberships. Lots of hidden costs, insurance, and the list goes on. One of the front runners for a change in private aviation to make private travel more affordable was Ricky Sitomer of Blue Star Jets.  Blue Star Jets is a broker so they can find the best rates for private air travel and you don’t have to worry about owning a part of a plane. The savings is passed on to you as the consumer because it is far more affordable to travel this way. They have access to any type of jet or even helicopter you need. You can purchase Jet memberships at different price points and use the money you have on your membership like a debit card or you can just charter a single trip. Blue Star has made flying privately so much more easier and affordable so you can keep that extra money in your pocket!

Check out their website for more info at

To call for more info and request to speak to someone about a membership please call 866.538.8463 and say you found them on the OPS Review!

Athletes who are interested please call the OPS office (770.957.8229) and we will put you in contact with Ricky Sitomer, CEO, directly.


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