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Revolution Air

Posted by opsservices on October 1, 2009

One of the hardest decisions to make when you are wanting to fly private is which company to pick.  Revolution Air is a smaller boutique style company that prides itself on customer satisfaction and very competitive pricing.  You will speak to the same person when you fly and get that personal attention that you deserve especially since you are paying some pretty good amounts of money.  You will not become just another number.  They also have access to an array of aircraft and you won’t get stuck in a certain class of aircraft and have to pay penalties for moving up and down in a class.  You also don’t have to have a membership to fly. If you only fly once or twice a year privately, it makes more sense to pay as you fly than having to pay a huge amount of money and having YOUR money tied in someones escrow account.  The people at Revolution know the business and have aviation people working for them and selling for them as well so you are only going to be put in the safest aircraft out there with the best pilots and great maintenance records.  They have access to almost any jet out there so give them a try, Revolution won’t disappoint!

Check them out on the web at

You can call the office at 212.755.2000 and ask for Rachael Bick or Joe Bacci and they will take great care of you!


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