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Aegis Personal Security Training

Posted by opsservices on September 26, 2009

As the treat levels are high and everyone is on guard watching to see around you, the only question is: Do you really know how to spot someone dangerous and know what to do in order to get out or prevent that from happening?  Aegis is a personal security training program that teaches you about self awareness and how to spot those threats that are hard to see.  It is one thing to know how to handle yourself and fight, but you can avoid getting to that point if you know how to spot it before it happens.  They also have a road course to teach you how to use a car for defense and how to drive in real world environments.  Training like this is given to gov’t people before they go overseas and now is available to everyone! This is such a great tool because this is the type of training that could save your life without ever having to be in a physical altercation.

Check out Aegis at   They have great information to read about pertaining to their training and extra info.

You can call them also at 804.651.9961


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