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Ecco Restaurant

Posted by opsservices on August 28, 2009

One of the hidden gems of Atlanta is Ecco, an old world European style restaurant located in Midtown Atlanta.  Starting with boards of assorted meats and cheeses which are to absolutely die for, nothing compliments that combination without a fine glass of wine.  For the wine connoisseurs, you will be ecstatic when you see the wine list. Wines from all over the world to try and taste different regions.  Personally, I had a great Spanish wine that went awesome with the meats and cheeses we had.  After the light course there, went on to some appetizers and then to the main course of pastas, flat bread pizzas, or some entree dishes.  This is the type of style eating where you eat a variety but don’t get full off one course.  It is a great way to try different types of food a restaurant has to offer.

The style with Ecco is the edgy, urban feel and they have nailed it with the look!  You feel like you are in an intimate downtown urban environment.  It keeps up with the hip trends that help separate itself from the competition.

Also for the night life, you can enjoy the full bar at Ecco.  Nothing better than to enjoy some great wine and have some great meats and cheeses as you enjoy yourself with company at the bar area.  Great alternative if you don’t like the loud music of a typical bar.

Make sure to check out Ecco at The phone number is 404.347.9555 to call ahead

The address for Ecco:   40 7th Street NE  Atlanta, GA 30308


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